Vibo Employment Centre, new headquarters in a private building


By John

We are once again discussing the relocation of the former employment office to the urban centre, so that it is more accessible to users. The topic returns to the fore following the definitive adoption of the extraordinary regional plan to strengthen the Employment Centres. Based on this provision, the Municipality, being the provincial capital, will have to find a property to purchase and allocate to the new headquarters.
In execution of this provision (of 12 May) it was decided to initiate the necessary actions to prepare the expression of interest. The procedure must be concluded by the end of the year so as not to lose the financing of approximately 2 million euros. It is strange to learn that, rather than allocating a property owned by the municipality, there is a propensity on the part of the Region to focus on a private building. The opposition councilor raised the issue Stefano Soriano (Pd), but there are also many users residing and/or coming from various municipalities in the area who underline that «the location of such an important public office, such as the Employment Centre, must be more central and preferably at interior of a municipal, provincial or regional building, to avoid wasting public resources and subsidizing private individuals”.