“Vai Cosenza”, produced the new song written for the rossoblù ‘wolves’

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By John

A new song for the “wolves”. “Vai Cosenza” is the song written by two good musicians: Giuseppe Fulcheri and Sasà Flauto (who also took care of the arrangements). Fulcheri has worked with Mina, Mogol, Anna Oxa and many other singers who have graced the Sanremo stage, while Flauto has curated the productions of Tony Esposito, Teresa De Sio, Tullio De Piscopo, and is an all-round artist because, as always, he was the protagonist of important musical projects with leading artists. And how did the idea of ​​a song written and dedicated to Cosenza football come about? One evening at dinner with friends at the home of Fedele Lucchetta, a builder passionate about music and friend of many artists. After 20 days of work, a very beautiful, catchy, belonging and romantic piece was released. It begins with “Walking along Via degli Stadi…” and ends with “go go go Cosenza…”. A song that touches the emotional chords and excites. Fedele Lucchetta, executive producer of the song, was clear: “I wanted to pay homage to my city. The artists are good and my trust was amply repaid with a wonderful piece. I thank the Cosenza football club and president Guarascio for having played it between the first and second half of the match between Cosenza and Feralpisalò, but now it is up to us to publicize it and make it listen well to the many fans who deserve this and much more”. “Vai Cosenza” was recorded at Sunrise Studio Rome and sung by “Coast to Coast feat Jonio”.