Water in a dropper in Paola, the Democratic Party asks for interventions


By John

Water, the Democratic Party calls for immediate action. Following continuous complaints from citizens regarding the endless inconveniences that the lack of the precious liquid has caused and is causing in entire neighborhoods of the city the management of the Democratic Party of Paola and La Migliore Calabria will launch a proposal which will subsequently be submitted to the citizens for approval and then presented to the City Council through the city councilor Renato Vilardi. «Hundreds of Paolan families – explains the party – have been forced, for long periods, not only in spring and summer, to live with the lack of water».
Many families and buildings have been forced to install the autoclave or are seriously thinking about it in a city that is on the sea and is also at hydrogeological risk. «The water supplied by the hour rightly raises tension among citizens who have told us that they live their day according to arrival times, creating great discomfort».