Versace: ”Ilari hand over the papers, pay the salaries and resign. Reggina is not hers”


By John

Mr. Ilari has amply demonstrated that he does not have the depth, credibility, experience and reliability necessary to represent Reggina. He resigns immediately, hands over the title to the city and goes back to dealing exclusively with its screening rooms. Reggina is a serious matter”. This is what the acting metropolitan mayor says, Carmelo Versace, emphasizing how “the whole territory is disgusted by the villainous and suicidal conduct of those who should serve the interests of the most famous Calabrian team”.

“It is not clear what this impresario who came from nowhere wants – insists Versace – indicated to represent an absolutely imperceptible fund that has done and is not doing anything to help one of the main economic, social and sporting realities of Southern Italy. Leave Reggio, forever, those who intend to speculate on the dreams and passions of the amaranth people”.

“Mr. Ilari – continued Versace – demonstrates that shred of sense of responsibility which, until now, he has not had. Unexpectedly, he spoke of Reggina which “is not for sale”, but he is very wrong if he thinks of bringing the company into bankruptcy after the hearing in the Council of State at the end of the month. As a Metropolitan City we are ready to implement any legal action to prevent the collapse of a complex situation beyond any kind of imagination”.

“It must be consistent with the words he says”, Versace stated again, concluding: “We need actions, facts, concreteness. The people of Reggio don’t know what to do with the fried air. Therefore, within 24 hours, Mr. Ilari would do well to show papers, names and documents in his possession to shed light on the saddest page of a more than 100-year-old story. Then, no later than next Sunday, pay any outstanding salary, restore dignity and safety to workers and guarantee the resumption of training at Sant’Agata. Finally, he resigns and gives back to the city what belongs to the city. Reggina belongs neither to Mr. Ilari, nor to imaginary foreign funds, nor to those who make money in sick football”.