Rudy Giuliani, from prosecutor and mayor of America to defendant


By John

He fought tooth and nail to take down the underworld in New York and succeeded. Now the same law he used in the 1980s against the bosses of five Mafia families of Italian origin in the Big Apple is backfiring and threatens to end Rudolph Giuliani imprisoned for 80 years. Fani Willisthe district attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, has probably inflicted on the reputation of the former New York sheriff and loyalist of Donald Trump the final blow, indicting him for the 2020 election along with 18 other people (including the former president) on the grounds of Rico, Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Practices used against mob bosses. A heavy accusation that seems to be the coup de grace even for a man of a thousand lives like Giuliani.

Father and mother of Italian origins, three wives and two children, the Trump loyalist can boast a career as a New York lawyer and prosecutor behind him: he was the sheriff who in the second half of the 90s he cleaned the streets of the Big Apple from crime, using a tough fist and zero tolerance towards any type of crime. In his last months as mayor, 9/11 arrived and he was crowned mayor of America, a symbol of a country that resisted and would never give in to the barbarism of terrorism. That was the peak of his popularity. Then a downward spiral. It was Trump who relaunched him, making him one of his most trusted advisers, one of his personal lawyers, and who in 2016 also briefly considered him for the position of secretary of state. However, the tycoon decided that the real task to be entrusted to Giuliani was that of his operational arm, the one who did the dirty work in the shadows, such as the improbable legal crusade to subvert the vote in the key states lost by Trump.

Everything is at stake on this Giuliani crusade. Anyone who thought he’d hit rock bottom with the press conference in a parking lot booked by mistake by his men convinced they’d taken a room at the Four Seasons was wrong. Just as those who thought that the low point was the image of Giuliani with mascara running down his face as he tried to convince Americans that the presidential elections had been rigged and that Joe Biden had not won were mistaken. For Giuliani the final battle begins now and it’s all uphill, considering that at the appointment in Georgia he shows up with empty coffers, so much so that he can’t bear the legal costs. His lowest point may not have been touched yet, and if convicted, it could be jail time.