Vibo library system, Limardo: “It’s time to make choices, we cannot ignore the debt problem”


By John

The economic-financial situation of the Vibo library system requires awareness and courageous choices that can no longer be postponed, if it is for the good of the institution. The heavily indebted condition, crystallized by the last final balance approved and communicated by the outgoing president Fabio Signoretta, in fact certifies the impossibility for the SBV to be able to take a path of concrete recovery. We can no longer hide our heads in the sand, I believe the approach must be different. This very delicate phase needs to be managed to reverse the course of a dangerous debt vortex which, according to the prospects, could even reach one million euros, as indeed anticipated at the time by the previous president, Corrado L’Andolina who had also denounced a serious administrative and accounting situation”.

This is what the mayor of Vibo Valentia, Maria Limardo, states in a note.

“I think I can speak on behalf of everyone if I say that no body in our province is in a position to take on a portion of that debt, and thus establish a new course aimed at relaunching the SBV. It is in fact evident that it is impossible to continue in the activity with such a heavy debt ballast. This situation just described and contained in the latest balance sheet, has therefore come to confirm what, unfortunately, we already knew a year ago, when I proposed, unheeded, to set up an external committee – perhaps with the support of the Prefecture – capable of drawing a clear line of demarcation, a before and after, and proposing decisive solution paths. Now we find ourselves exactly at that point, even if the work and commitment made by President Signoretta in this year of activity.

The election of the new president is scheduled for February 6th. For all the reasons I have just explained, I consider it wrong to continue on this path which is only useful for prolonging the agony, for postponing a problem that, sooner or later, we will have to deal with. So, I want to reiterate my idea. The only way out of this impasse is to initiate all the necessary procedures to achieve liquidation of the institution, due to the impossibility of repaying the debt position.

Only once this chapter is closed will the Vibo library system be reborn: it does not matter if with a new name, with a new statute, under other associative forms. The main interest, the duty of politics, must be – concludes the mayor – to allow a prestigious cultural institution to be able to continue to operate and offer services to citizens regardless of the shallows into which it has been thrown and cannot get out despite the last commitment made by President Signoretta. And above all, to continue to do so in Vibo Valentia, which is and will always remain the point of reference, for a thousand reasons, for the entire province, because even on the issue of the headquarters, once everything has been cleared up, the best solution will once again be found, because the library system must not move from Vibo Valentia”.