Vibo, Muzzopappa’s embrace of Romeo: “Now a new season can begin, we remain in opposition” VIDEO


By John

The embrace in the atrium of Palazzo Luigi Razza. Also rejoicing with Enzo Romeo, new mayor of Vibo, is Franco Muzzopappa, candidate for mayor of the center who was not on the ballot for a handful of votes in the first round.

“The numbers say that the center coalition was decisive for the election of Enzo Romeo. I think that a new season can begin in Vibo. I invited people to vote for Enzo Romeo without there being any negotiation: we asked for nothing and above all we will not want anything. We will be among the minority benches hoping that Romeo can give the right answers for this territory. We will be a constructive minority hoping to establish a relationship of mutual collaboration with the majority. Our only interest has always been to work for all the citizens of Vibo without making concessions to anyone, not even Romeo”.