Vibonese dominates Reggina beyond the narrow 1-0


By John

Vibonese-Reggina 1-0
Marker: Favetta at 36' pt
Vibonese: Del Bello 6; Ciotti 7.5, Baldan 7, Onraita 6.5, Malara 6.5; Mal 6.5 (30' st. Staropoli 6), Borgia 7.5 (19' st. Anzelmo 6), Esposito 7; Castillo 6, Favetta 6.5 (30' st Terranova 6), Furina 6 (35' st Casalongue sv). All. Buscè 7.5
Reggina: Valcea 7; Martiner 5.5, Kremenovic 5.5 (30' st. Girasole 6), Adejo 5.5, Porcino 5 (from the 1st st. Barillà 6); Salandria 5.5 (from the 15th minute Perri 6), Simonetta 5 (1st minute Cham 5.5), Mungo 6; Provazza 5.5, Bolzicco 5, Renelus 5 (37' st Marras sv). Annex Trocini 5.5
Referee: Toro di Catania 4.5
Note: Spectators approximately 1500 (with 360 visiting fans in the stands). Borgia, Martiner, Favetta, Baldan booked. Corners 4-4. Recovery 0' and 7'
Favetta scores again and Vibonese beats Reggina, definitively securing third place in the standings. A false result based on what we saw on the pitch. Antonio Buscè's team won overwhelmingly, dominating the derby far and wide, from the first to the 97th minute of the game. He created a lot and graced the amaranths on several occasions; he hit a post in the first half, missed a penalty in the second half, suffered excessively in a match that he should have won by a landslide due to the superiority shown throughout the match. Reggina was a poor performer and never seriously worried Del Bello and never even had a shot on goal in the second half.