Violence against an inmate in the Reggio prison: six Penitentiary Police officers sent to trial


By John

They will have to face trial. six officers of the Reggio Calabria Penitentiary Police previously acquitted of charges of participating in the violence inside the prison on Via San Pietro on January 22, 2022 when he was beaten with particular brutality, according to investigators there would even be grounds for supporting the crime of torture, the Neapolitan prisoner Alessio Peluso.

The Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria has accepted the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office against the “no case to answer” ruling issued by the preliminary hearing judge Vincenzo Quaranta. They too – like five other colleagues, the former commander of the Reggio Penitentiary Police, a doctor and a nurse in service in the Reggio prison, who are facing trial in the debate – will appear before the collegiate Court of Reggio Calabria: these are Alexander Gugliotta (Sant’Agata Militello Messina, 55 years old, defended by lawyer Renato Russo of the Reggio Bar Association); Diego Ielo (Reggio, 59 years old, defended by lawyers Antonio Managò and Marco Gemelli of the Reggio Bar Association); Angel Longo (Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, 43 years old, defended by the lawyer Filippo Maria Barbera of the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto Bar); Stefano Munafò (native of Milazzo, resident in Villa San Giovanni, 36 years old, defended by the lawyers Luca Barillà of the Reggio Bar Association and Salvatore Silvestro of the Messina Bar Association); Carmelo Vazzana (Reggio, 54 years old, defended by the lawyer Lucio Masottini and Marco Panella of the Reggio Bar Association); Anthony Biondo (Reggio, 48 years old, defended by the lawyer Giuseppe Aloisio of the Reggio Bar Association).