Elections in France, Le Pen soars to 34% and aims for absolute majority. Macron: “Now a republican bloc”


By John

A clear victory, Marine Le Pen and its RN dominate the first round of the legislative elections arriving between 33 and the 34%. The majority is far away macronianbetween the 20 and the 22%while there are reasons to hope for the united left In the New Republican Frontwhich arrives at the 28-29%According to initial projections in seatsL’extreme right can, for the first time in France, obtain the absolute majority to theNational Assembly and the charge of premier for Le Pen’s dolphin, Jordan Bardella: the various institutes of surveyin their projections in seats, provide a range for the Lepenists between 240 And 310 seatswith the absolute majority set at 289.

Emmanuel Macron He was the first to speak: «In front of the National Rallythe time has come for abroad union clearly democratic and republican for the second round». Jean-Luc Melenchonfrom leftthundered: «Not even one vote will go to the RNwherever we are third parties we will withdraw our candidate”. The same line was then taken by Raphael Glucksmanthe leader of Public Place among the main exponents of the coalition ‘New Popular Front’.

The week promises to be long and crucial, but the premises – starting this evening – are contradictory on the front that should act as a barrier to theLepenist wave. “We started to erase the Macronian block“: these are the first words of Marine Le Pen in his fiefdom of Henin Beaumontin the north of the country, which elected her again to the first round. Among the supporters who were waiting for the leader There was a roar when the results were announced. The leader came out with a dazzling smile and uttered the first words among the tricolour flags who waved: “This evening is the first stage of a march towards thepolitical alternation to lead the reforms which the country needs.”

Then, the daughter of the founder of the party, Jean Mariethe leader who ousted her father from the party hierarchy in a march political clearance duration 20 yearsbegan to project itself towards the candies. That of his dolphin, Jordan Bardella – who already sees himself at the helm of the government – and the personal one, with the race toElysium of 2027: «Democracy has spoken – he continued – the French have demonstrated their will to turn the page after 7 years of contemptuous and corrosive power”. The vote that sees the National Rally in the lead is «a signal of trust which honors us and imposes duties on us.”

With a cleverly “institutional” posture, Bardella he did not speak in front of the militantsas Marine Le Penbut only in front of a group of journalistsIn the Parisian headquarters of the party: «The outcome of the vote in France it represents a verdict without appeala clear aspiration of the French to change». For the candidate for prime minister of theextreme right“alternation is within reach”, there is a «unprecedented hope throughout the country.” “I will be the Prime Minister of all,” he added, arguing that Sunday’s vote will be one of “the most decisive in the entire history of the Fifth Republic».

If theMélenchon’s appeal It was vibrant and without shadows, the situation of what should be the embankment to thewave of the far right is very fluid. «Our delivery is clear, not even one vote, not even one more seat for the National Rally“, he said Mélenchon announcing “the withdrawal of our candidates wherever we arrived this evening in third position».

With the consequent indication to vote for theRN’s local opponentin this case the Macronian majority. From which however, after the words of the president who calls «to therepublican union“, to form a block against theextreme rightno equally clear indications have arrived. Even Edouard Philippeone of the leaders of the majority, gave indications that were decidedly in contrast with those of Macron, inviting his militants “to desist in order to avoid the election of candidates RN or LFI, Unsubdued France».

Since LFI it is by far the strongest party in the coalition leftthe dam of desistance would give way wherever there are candidates of the majority who desist but whose votes will not go to the Popular Front if the local candidate will be LFI. Aware of thehuge stakes and the non-positive perception of Unsubdued France between centrists And moderate right, Glucksmanwhich brought back the Socialist Party in third place in the Europeanraised the alarm: «we have 7 days to avoid a catastrophe in France». I Republicans that they did not follow Eric Ciotti in his agreement with Marine Le Penand who have nevertheless obtained a considerable 10% of votes, have already announced, for their part, that they will not deliver votes to their voters.