Vuthaj and Spaltro lead Crotone to victory over Brindisi away


By John


MARKERS: 18’pt Vuthaj, 18’st Spaltro

TOASTS (3-5-2): Albertazzi 5; Cappelletti 5.5 (33’st Monti 5.5), Bizzotto 5, Bellucci 5.5; Valenti 5.5, Malaccari 5.5, Petrucci 5.5 (7’st Ceesay 5.5), De Angelis 5.5 (7’st Lombardi 5.5), Nicolao 5.5 (13’st Albertini 5, 5); Galano 5, Bunino 5 (33’st Moretti 5.5). All. Roselli 5

CROTONE (3-5-2): Dini 7 (24’st D’Alterio 6); Papini 6.5 (1’st Spaltro 7), Loiacono 6.5, Crialese 6.5; Bruzzaniti 6.5 (37’st Giannotti sv), Petriccione 7, Vinicius 6.5, D’Ursi 6.5 (37’st Jurcec sv), Giron 7; Vuthaj 7 (44’st Cantisani sv), Gomez 6.5. All. Zauli 7

REFEREE: Gianquinto di Parma 5.5

NOTE: in the 39th minute Dini saves Galano’s penalty

Warned: Papini, Cappelletti, Crialese, Vinicius

Angles: 1-5

Recovery: 4’pt, 8’st,

Zauli’s Crotone wins and convinces, beating Brindisi at home with a 2-0 result, despite the many absences among the “starters” (in addition to the injured D’Errico, Vitale, Bove and Gigliotti, Leo, Tribuzzi and Tumminello were disqualified). With a goal in each half, first Vuthaj, then Spaltro in the second half, the sharks return home with three important points also in view of the big match next Saturday at the “Scida” with the increasingly leaders Juve Stabia.