War in the Middle East, bombs on the UN headquarters in Gaza. Dead and injured


By John

Even today the Israeli army ensured a 7-hour humanitarian corridor (until 4.00 pm local time. 3.00 pm in Italy) for the Palestinian population who wants to move from the north to the south of the Strip. Military spokesman Avichai Adraee said this. The street involved is Salah ad Din. Adraee added that there will be a safe corridor from Shifa hospital to Gaza City for those wishing to reach Salah ad Din and a “tactical” pause in military operations will be ensured (until 2pm local time) on the Jabalya refugee camp in the north of the Strip and in the nearby neighborhood of Izbat Malien.

Netanyahu: “The UN attacked Israel instead of Hamas”

“The UN Secretary General criticized Israel instead of those savages Hamas.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this in an interview with CNN. “I would like the international community to support us and attack the pure evil that Hamas represents,” he underlined.

Netanyahu reiterated in an interview with CNN that “there will be no ceasefire” in Gaza without the release of the hostages by Hamas.

“There are ongoing hostage negotiations, involving the Israelis, Qatar and also Egypt.” American national security advisor Jake Sullivan said this in an interview with CNN, commenting on media rumors about a possible agreement between Israel and Hamas for an exchange of prisoners.

NBC talks about prisoner exchange, but there is no confirmation

An agreement has reportedly been reached between Hamas and Israel for the release of around 80 Israeli women and children in exchange for Palestinian women and teenagers detained by Israel. An official from Joe Biden’s administration says this to NBC. According to the source, the United States is also exploring other options, adding that there is no certainty that any proposed agreement will succeed. However, at the moment there is a lack of both Israeli and Palestinian confirmations. There had also been talk of an agreement of this kind in recent days.

Netanyahu: “I offered fuel to Shifa, they refused”

“We offered the fuel to the Shifa hospital in Gaza, but they refused it.” Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu declared this to the American network NBC, without providing further details.

Haaretz: “Hezbollah claims rocket launch in Israel”

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the anti-tank missile launch that injured 6 Israelis, one seriously, in the north of the country. Haaretz reported it.

UN, raid on headquarters in Gaza, significant number of deaths

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) announced “a significant number of deaths and injuries” in a “bombing” of its headquarters in Gaza City, evacuated by its employees and now occupied by hundreds of displaced Palestinians. “The ongoing tragedy of dead and injured civilians trapped in this conflict must end,” the UNDP said in a statement. “Civilians, civilian infrastructure and the inviolability of UN premises must be respected and protected at all times “.

Hamas, Al Shifa hospital building destroyed in Israeli attack

Hamas’ deputy health minister said an Israeli attack destroyed a building at Gaza’s Shifa hospital. “The two-storey building of the heart disease department was completely destroyed by an air strike,” Deputy Health Minister Youssef Abou Rich told the AFP news agency, blaming the attack on the Israeli army. The AFP was unable to confirm the attack on site, but at least one witness present in the hospital confirmed the attack and the related damage.

Israel strikes in Lebanese territory

After the launch of an anti-tank missile from Lebanon that injured Israeli civilians in the north of the country, Israeli artillery is striking on the other side of the border. The military spokesman said this, adding that a short while ago “a terrorist cell was targeted which was in a civilian area in Lebanon and which intended to open fire towards Israeli territory”.