Water resources in Calabria, the control room has been established to monitor their availability and guarantee their use for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes


By John

The working group and control room, established with resolution no., met in recent days in Catanzaro. 70/24, activated to monitor the availability of the water resource and specifically to guarantee its use for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes.

The control room is chaired by the regional councilor for Agriculture, Gianluca Galloand is made up of the heads of the Agriculture and Environment Departments of the Calabria Region, Giuseppe Iiritano And Salvatore Sivigliaby the representatives of the Province of Crotone and the Municipalities of Crotone, Isola Capo Rizzuto, Cutro, Rocca di Neto and Cirò Marina, as well as the representatives of the Consorzio di Bonifica, Sorical and A2A, the company that manages the Sila water basins.

To combat the current drought situation, with a resolution of the Council, the Calabria Region has allocated 3 million euros dedicated to the program of interventions for the connection of Lake Sant'Anna with the Municipality of Isola di Capo Rizzuto and for the extraction of water from new wells for the area of ​​the Municipalities of Cutro, Cirò Marina and Strongoli.

A2A continued to adopt management strategies for the Arvo and Ampollino reservoirs aimed at accumulating water resources, producing hydroelectric energy exclusively by swirling natural supplies. Thanks to the Company's commitment, the volumes of water present in the reservoirs have grown by 32%, going from 50 to 66 million cubic meters in the last two months, thus increasing the reserve for satisfying priority drinking and irrigation needs.

A2A is also working to guarantee the drinking water supply of Isola di Capo Rizzuto in this phase of inoperability of the Sant'Anna basin. The extraordinary maintenance works carried out by the Reclamation Consortium will end around April 20th, after which the reservoir operations will begin.

The Southern Apennines District Basin Authority recalled the communication that invites all stakeholders in the area to activate actions to reduce consumption and save water resources, based on the classification of the average water severity sanctioned for the current period both for the drinking water and irrigation sectors. Along the same lines, Sorical represented to the Municipalities to implement measures for the rationalization and saving of water, in particular for the criticality of the extraction from underground wells, resources which are being consumed and are already limited compared to the needs of the summer period.

The control room also analyzed decades-long data on water supplies, predicting an average of approximately 50 million cubic meters of water that can be stored in the Sila reservoirs. This volume, in addition to that already present, would allow us to guarantee the commitments foreseen for the irrigation season from May to September 2024 and, as estimated by the Land Reclamation Consortium, the first agricultural crop, but this would lead to the almost total exhaustion of the resource for the following autumn period.

Finally, the participants at the table committed themselves to activating actions to save water resources and to use their skills to improve the condition of the current drinking water and irrigation distribution networks.