What will happen with the Superbonus? The redundants ask for an urgent decree or inclusion in the milleproroghe. Tajani insists: “We are working for an extension”


By John

On December 28th the Superbonus exodus will be in Rome from 1pm to 5pm in Piazza della Rotonda, in front of the Pantheon. This was announced in a note from the association asking «with force and decision that on 28 December the Council of Ministers can approve the extensions of the Superbonus deadlines for single families, independent houses and condominiums, for at least 3 months and ensure that construction sites that have already started can complete the work. It is essential that the Government acts with the utmost urgency to avoid a socio-economic disaster and to protect citizens who, in good faith, have invested in the opportunities offered by the Superbonus and building bonuses.” “We are convinced that those who govern do not want and cannot betray the trust of the citizens”, they write again asking «an urgent decree from the Government or an inclusion in the thousand extensions».

Tajani: “We are working for an extension of the Superbonus”

«FI’s opinion on the maneuver is positive, we got what we asked for, we are working for an extension of the superbonus, especially for those whose jobs exceed 70%, we will see if in the milleproproghe or in other legislative solutions». Thus the deputy prime minister and secretary of FI Antonio Tajani on the sidelines of a press conference in the Chamber.