When do they pay the single allowance in February 2024? Discover the increases and dates of the INPS calendar


By John

When do they pay the single allowance in February 2024? Here are the increases and dates on the INPS calendar – THE DATES.

The single universal allowance for dependent children

L’single check will be paid after the middle of the month (16, 19, 20 February) for those who already are perceiver. In case of changes or if the request was presented later, thecredit it will happen at the end of the following month to the date of submission of the application.

Since last June, the new increase for the widowed families: the single allowance is increased for a period of 5 years in the case of one of the two parents is deceased in the year of recognition of the subsidy.

Those who already receive the citizen’s income are not obliged to submit any application to receive the 2023 universal single allowance.

  • * ATTENTION: To obtain the single allowance, without payment interruptions, all beneficiaries of the new INPS subsidy must present the ISEE 2023 form as soon as possible (if not yet in possession).

Single Allowance: increases from January 2024

As is known, the single allowance, like other INPS benefits, is subject to an annual adjustment based on inflation trends.

In January 2023, the monthly amount of the single allowance was increased by 8.1%. As a result, the value of the monthly allowance changed like this:

  • From 175 euros to 189.2 euros for families with an ISEE of 16,215 euros (initially 15,000 euros plus the ISTAT adjustment).
  • From 50 to 54 euros per month for those with an ISEE higher than around 44,000 euros (initially 40,000 euros plus the ISTAT adjustment).

The ISEE thresholds for access have also been adequately re-evaluated.

For January 2024, with the application of the provisional ISTAT index of 5.4% (which could undergo further adjustments in January), as established by ministerial decree last November, it is expected:

  • A single allowance with a minimum amount for incomes over 45,575 euros, which would rise to 57.2 euros.
  • A single allowance with a maximum amount for incomes up to 17,090 euros, which would increase to 199.4 euros.
  • An increase for two working parents which would increase to 34.15 euros for each child.

INPS will communicate the operating methods of the disbursement in January. It is possible that the adjustment will not be calculated in the first month’s payment, but as an adjustment with the definitive rate starting from March 2024.

INPS: 14.9 billion paid for single child allowance in the first 10 months

In the first ten months of 2023, checks for 14.9 billion euros were disbursed to families, in addition to the 13.2 billion disbursed in 2022. This is what emerges from the update of the Statistical Observatory on the Single Universal Allowance released by ‘Inps. There are 6,363,270 families who received the allowance between January and October, for a total of 9,913,476 children. With reference to the month of October, the average amount per child, including applicable increases, ranges from approximately 54 euros for those who do not present an ISEE or exceed the maximum threshold (which for 2023 is equal to 43,240 euros), to 214 euros for the minimum ISEE class (16,215 euros).