When they pay the Citizenship Income in November 2023: here are the necessary requirements and the top-up dates


By John

When they pay the Citizenship Income in October 2023: here are the requirements and top-up dates.

The payment of Basic income it will be carried out directly on Poste Italiane cards in the middle of the month for those who have recently started receiving the subsidy. For recipients who already benefited from the subsidy, the credit is expected for November 27 about. It is necessary to highlight that those who have received the subsidy for 7 months will not receive the amount in November.

In particular, July 2023 represents the last month in which the majority of beneficiaries (those who received the subsidy starting from January 2023) obtained the citizenship income, while others received the last monthly payment in August or September.

This year’s finance law established that from 1 January to 31 December 2023the subsidy can be paid for a maximum of 7 months. Therefore, those who started receiving citizenship income in January or March will no longer receive it.

On the other hand, households that include people with disabilities, minors or individuals aged 60 or over will continue to receive citizenship income until December 2023. Furthermore, significant innovations are in sight, with which the government intends to make profound changes to the current measure.

Suspension of Citizenship Income from 2023

From August 2023, the Basic income has been suspended for 169,000 families in Italy. L’INPS notified the suspension with an SMS message. The suspension concerns families without disabled people, minors or over 60s, as established by the new rule.

350 Euro Bonus: How to Request it

Workers seeking employment can apply for a bonus of 350 euroswith the opening of the INPS online service from 1 September 2023.

Further Details and Troubleshooting

For detailed information on payment dates, we recommend viewing the relevant video on our channel. In case of delays or problems with an INPS payment, it is possible to send a reminder through the “INPS responds online“.