Jannik Sinner, between the Davis Cup dream and citizenship… of San Giovanni in Fiore


By John

Soon, the Municipality of San Giovanni in Fiore will confer honorary citizenship on the tennis player Jannik Sinner which, not only in sport, represents that Italy which works every day with commitment and humility to achieve ever higher goals. “Sinner’s personality is an example for everyone, especially for the new generations, increasingly threatened by a pervasive culture that promotes success without effort and without ethics, individualism and even self-destruction”. This was stated in a note by the mayor of San Giovanni in Fiore, Rosaria Succurro. “Sinner – he continues – is a great Italian just like Gioacchino da Fiore, to whom we owe the history of our city. Today, in the face of the international, economic, moral, educational and social crisis, there is a great need to valorise these figures, capable of transmitting to young people a very strong inner drive, of testifying that life deserves to be lived with authenticity and intensity, without giving in to the feeling of emptiness induced, too often, by contemporary consumerism”.