Who is Kamala Harris, Biden’s Vice President Ready to Step Out of the Shadows


By John

Kamala Harris is ready to take flight and replace, if necessary, Joe Biden in the race for White House. Although currently more unpopular than her boss, the vice president is considered the best figure to take up his legacy, the one who would create fewer rifts in a Democratic party already torn and shaken by the president’s continuous failures.

Obama the Woman and New Glass Ceilings

After being referred to as ‘the female Obama’, the first vice president African American of history, Kamala Harris is quietly preparing to break new glass ceilings and realize her dream of becoming the first female president and the first African-American to lead the United States. With her he would arrive at Pennsylvania 1600 a revolutionary family, a modern counterpart to the more traditional one of Joe And Jill Biden.

A career of ups and downs

Cultured and a crowd-puller until recently, Kamal she did not shine as a deputy, probably disappointing those who expected much more from her. Former prosecutor of San Francisco before and of the California then (Barack Obama awkwardly called her “the most beautiful prosecutor in the country”, and then apologized), in 2016 Harris won a seat in Senate and immediately declared war on Donald Trump. There his prestige and political stature were strengthened: his interrogations of the former Minister of Justice Jeff Sessions went viral and gave her credibility in front of the democratic public looking for new faces for the party. Hence the decision to try to run for the White House: an attempt that was unsuccessful even though she had established herself as one of Biden’s fiercest rivals during the primaries.

The comparison with Biden

The bitter confrontation between the two during one of the debates has remained in the annals, during which Harris She accused her future boss of having indulged in working with two segregationist senators in the 1970s. Not content, Kamala went on to say that she knew a young black girl who was fortunate to be able to go to a better school thanks to the school bus service set up for minorities living in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods, a service that – she recalled – Senator Biden had opposed: “That little girl was me.”

A dynamic lifestyle and an inspiring motto

Sneaker collector ConverseHarris usually wakes up at 6 a.m. and works out for half an hour. Her motto is a warning her mother gave her when she was a kid: ‘You may be first, but make sure you’re not last.’ Since then, Harris has broken many taboos, paving the way and becoming a role model for many women. Now, perhaps, the opportunity of a lifetime.