Differentiated autonomy, in Calabria and Sicily pro-referendum motion. Schlein deposits the questions


By John

The minority group leaders Mimmo Bevacqua (Pd), Davide Tavernise (M5s) and Antonio Lo Schiavo (Mixed) together with the other councillors of the Pd group (Alecci, Bruni, Iacucci, Mammoliti and Muraca) have submitted the proposal for a council resolution – “Proposal for an abrogative referendum pursuant to Article 75 of the Constitution and Articles 29 and 30 of Law No. 352 of 25 May 1970, and Law No. 86 of 26 June 2024, containing “Provisions for the implementation of the differentiated autonomy of the ordinary statute Regions pursuant to Article 116, third paragraph, of the Constitution”.
The regional councilors, who signed the proposal, will ask the president of the 1st Permanent Commission “Institutional Affairs”, Luciana De Francesco, to schedule the discussion on the text as a matter of urgency.
Further details will be provided during the public initiative organized by the Democratic Party on July 11, which will also be attended by the other minority group leaders, as well as the regional secretary Nicola Irto and the national manager for reforms within the Democratic Party national secretariat Alessandro Alfieri.

Similar movements also in Sicily, where the M5s parliamentary group at the ARS has presented a motion to commit the Schifani government to promote the proposal for a referendum to repeal the law on differentiated autonomy. «The application of the Calderoli law – says the group leader Antonio De Luca – which would be more correct to call Italy-splitting, would constitute the tombstone on the development possibilities of Sicily and in general of the southern regions that already suffer a notable gap compared to those of the North, especially in some sectors, such as health, already in deep crisis in our country. Fortunately, the Constitution offers us the possibility of backtracking with the abrogative referendum if, as foreseen by article 75, five regional councils request it. Sicily must be one of these. The ARS cannot be an accomplice of a clearly unfair law that brings some regions to their knees just to do a favor to the League». The M5S motion emphasizes the Lepthe essential levels of performance, the identification of which is delegated to subsequent regulatory provisions. “The introduction of differentiated forms of autonomy in the absence of shared procedures and effective instruments for safeguarding the principles of solidarity, equality and national cohesion – the motion states – entails a wound for all citizens, directly impacting the ways in which, in practice, citizens themselves exercise and enjoy their fundamental rights”.

Autonomy: Schlein files referendum questions

“With the autonomy reform, “those born in Calabria will have fewer opportunities than those born in Lombardy and this is unacceptable for us. This reform brings forward the idea of ​​having twenty different energy policies, when we need a single energy policy at a European level. Here we have a large representation of associations, political forces and unions. A very important day for us, we are also moving at the regional level”. This is what the PD secretary, Elly Schlein, said at the Court of Cassation for the delivery of the referendum questions on differentiated autonomy.