“You're a foreigner, we don't know how to make you vote.” Roberto Salis: “My daughter Ilaria was denied the right to vote”


By John

She is currently a candidate in the European elections who cannot cast her vote. It's the paradox of Ilaria Salis who discovered that she could not vote as an Italian citizen locked up in a Hungarian prison. This is what she was told when the prison police went around the cells of the Gyorskocsi Utca prison asking all the inmates if they intended to vote for the European Parliament.

The affirmative response of the Milanese teacher, detained for over 15 months on charges of having attacked far-right militants, is obvious, much less the response received: «You're a foreigner, we don't know how to get you to vote.” Ilaria Salis then contacted the Italian ambassador in Budapest Manuel Jacoangeli to inform him of the problem to which the government will have to find a solution: «There is a clear violation of human rights underway and a clear position from the government is needed», attacks her father Roberto Salis, who denounces “the lack of a legislative definition” which prevents his daughter from voting. «The Italian ambassador in Budapest Manuel Jacoangeli has contacted the Ministry of the Interior since it is their problem and I expect a clear position to understand whether all citizens can exercise their right to vote». An appeal also supported by the leaders of Avs Angelo Bonelli and Nicola Fratoianni: «Ilaria has the rights provided for by the Italian Constitution, the failure of this right is a very serious violation that occurs again. We appeal to the Foreign Minister and the government so that the right to vote can be exercised”, said Bonelli who will be in Budapest on Monday while Fratoianni will meet Ilaria Salis in prison tomorrow. But it is not the only “blatant violation of her daughter's human rights” denounced by Roberto Salis. Last November 8, in fact, her precautionary detention in prison was extended for another 6 months, with the extension therefore expiring on May 8 “and it is from that day that Ilaria is therefore detained without there being a provision from the judiciary” The Hungarian judge has in fact decided to wait for the decision on the appeal presented by Ilaria Salis' lawyers against the decision taken in the hearing on 28 March to reject the request for house arrest in Hungary. The sentence is expected for tomorrow «but the substance is that she is still in prison – concludes the father – and this too happens without the government or diplomacy doing anything”.