Zecchino d’Oro, Bova Marina and Calabria cheer for little Delia with her song “I numeri”


By John

Today, Saturday 2 December at 5.05pm live on Rai 1, seven more songs competing for the «The Zecchino d’Oro» and tomorrow, Sunday 3 December, from 5.20pm comes the final conducted by the artistic director Carlo Conti, to decide the winning song of this edition.
The songs competing today are: DANCE (Music: Carmine Spera and Antonio Buldini – Text: Carmine Spera and Antonio Buldini) sung by Matilda, 9 years old, from Fiumefreddo Di Sicilia (Catania); I NUMBERS (Music: Maurizio Fabrizio – Text: Katia Astarita) sung by Delia, 10 years old, from Bova Marina (Reggio Calabria); PUZ PUZ PUZZOLA (Music: Lorenzo Baglioni and Michele Baglioni – Text: Lorenzo Baglioni and Michele Baglioni) sung by Cèline, 5 years old, by Excenex (Aosta); MISTER SPAZZOLINO (Music: Valentina Ambrosio – Text: Valentina Ambrosio) sung by Valentina Maria, 9 years old, Santo Stefano Magra (La Spezia); IT WOULD BE A FAN (Music: Gianluca Buresta and Giorgio Iommi – Text: Emilio Di Stefano) sung by Aurora, 9 years old, Civitanova Marche (Macerata); CIAO EUROPA (Music: Lodovico Saccol – Text: Arcangelo Crovella and Lodovico Saccol) sung by Eliza, 8 years old, from Scutari (Albania) in trio with Dariya, 10 years old, from Varna (Bulgaria) and Alexandros, 6 years old, from Galatsi ( Greece) and RED (Music: Gianfranco Fasano – Text: Loredana Bertè) sung by Michael, 9 years old, Orta Di Atella (Caserta).
Guests of the second episode Flora Canto, Elettra Lamborghini and Francesco Paolantoni. The Great Magician, Alessandro Politi, is always present with his fun magic tricks

As per tradition, «Lo Zecchino d’Oro» is the spokesperson for Operation Pane, Antoniano’s campaign which supports 20 Franciscan canteens in Italy and 5 in the world (in Ukraine, Romania and Syria). Operation Pane, with his stories, is the protagonist of the three episodes of Zecchino d’Oro. To support the Franciscan canteens, all you need is a text message or a landline call to 45538.
All episodes will be available in streaming on RaiPlay, repeated on Rai Yoyo at 8.25pm ​​and as always complete with subtitles that can be activated on Televideo page 777. On a dedicated RaiPlay channel, the final on 3 December will be broadcast in its entirety with clear subtitles and also accessible through LIS in the sung parts.