Minister Crosetto in the Chamber: “I have faith in the magistrates, but there have been very serious interventions”

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By John

«I am deeply impressed by the attempt to mystify my words. I didn’t say that they tell me about secret meetings, about conspiracies. I read some public interventions that I consider very serious on the issue of justice. I have total faith in the judiciary but I know how to discern, I am referring to some public things that I have heard in which someone spoke of a judiciary that must have “a physiological anti-majoritarian function to protect rights”. The Minister of Defense said it, Guido Crosettoresponding to a question in the Chamber after the interview with the Corriere.

“Magistrates must be third parties”

«I open a topic that we must discuss sooner or later: this clash between politics and the judiciary must end. I have found some magistrates – I have heard representatives of Area – who see the government as an attack on the judiciary, almost as if it does not want it to work. There are those who have said that the role of the judiciary must be to rebalance the popular will. But whoever has responsibility must be third: think if this sentence had been uttered by a general or a prefect.”