2024 bonus for those with low ISEE: here is the complete panorama of news and terminations


By John

The year 2024 presents itself as a period of great changes and continuity in the panorama of economic supports in Italy. FromInclusion allowance to the nursery bonusespassing through theSingle and universal allowance and various other non-building incentives, the measures are numerous and diverse. At the same time, the termination of some legacy aid marks the end of an era for specific bonuses. Let’s see in detail what changes and what remains.

Which bonuses and incentives disappear

According to information provided by Assoutients, the non-construction bonuses and incentives available for 2024 represent a total value of 2.13 billion euros. Nonetheless, we are witnessing the cessation of some fundamental aid:

  • Shopping basket: This initiative, started to control retail prices and support families, has seen its conclusion. The anti-inflation quarter, which included goods at blocked or discounted prices offered by shops and large-scale retailers, has ended, leaving a void in terms of direct support for the purchasing power of Italian families.
  • Glasses bonus: Provided a 50 euro voucher for the purchase of eyeglasses or contact lenses to citizens with an ISEE of less than 10 thousand euros. The cessation of this bonus means less support for those who need vision aid.
  • Drinking water bonus: Offered a 50% tax credit for installing filtration and mineralization systems, among others. This bonus helped make drinking water more accessible and of better quality for low-income families.
  • TV decoder bonus: It was a benefit dedicated to elderly people over 70 to adapt to new television technologies. Its cessation may represent a difficulty for this age group in maintaining access to information and entertainment.
  • VAT bonus for green homes: This Irpef deduction of 50% on VAT for the purchase of class A and B homes incentivized the purchase of more energy efficient homes.
  • Mortgage bonus under 36: It was a relief for the purchase of the first house with exemption from paying taxes for those with an ISEE of less than 40 thousand euros.
  • App18: A bonus of 500 euros for newly adults, intended for the purchase of books, music, DVDs, concerts and cultural events, which encouraged access to culture.

Incentives extended or introduced in 2024

In response to the termination of some bonuses, the government has extended or introduced new incentives:

  • Bonus for working mothers and nurseries: They continue to provide vital childcare support and support for working mothers, through subsidies that help cover some of the costs of daycare.
  • Shopping card “Dedicated to you”: This new tool aims to support the purchase of essential goods, representing direct aid to the purchasing power of Italian families.
  • Culture Card and Merit Card: These are incentives designed to promote access to culture and reward scholastic and academic merit, with the aim of encouraging excellence and continuous training.
  • Incentives for charging stations and psychologists: These bonuses aim to support green infrastructure and mental well-being, respectively, recognizing the importance of environmental sustainability and psychological health.
  • Bonus for electricity and transport bills: They help families better manage energy and transport costs, in a period characterized by increasing price volatility.

Challenges and proposals for the future

Gabriele Melluso, president of Assoutenti, openly criticizes the bonus policy as an insufficiently effective response to the problems of Italian families. He highlights the need for a more systematic and sustainable approach to welfare policy, suggesting “citizenship” as a fundamental right. This proposal aims to guarantee every Italian citizen a “minimum vital set” which includes free medical care, free education up to the age of 18 and access to minimum quantities of food, water and energy.