300 euro computer bonus: here are the requirements and how to request the incentive


By John

The Italian government has launched a new initiative to promote access to technology and reduce the digital divide. It's about the Computer Bonus, a 300 euro incentive for studentswhich aims to bridge economic inequalities and increase the level of digitalisation of the population.

Bonus Details

The Computer Bonus offers an immediate discount of 300 euros on the purchase of laptops or desktops, whether new, used or refurbished, without restrictions on the operating system. However, it is important to note that you cannot use this bonus to purchase accessories such as scanners or printers. This benefit can only be requested once, therefore those who have already benefited from it in the past will not be able to do so again in 2024.

Who can benefit from the bonus

The bonus is reserved for high school and university students whose family unit has an ISEE not exceeding 20,000 euros per year. This requirement aims to support those who may have more difficulty accessing the technologies needed for study and training.

How to request the bonus

To access the bonus, students must submit the application via the PagoPA IO App, accessing the section dedicated to “bonuses and discounts” in the Portfolio. It is necessary to provide your tax code, the IBAN for credit, the ISEE certificate and a copy of your personal documents.

Differences with the internet bonus

It is essential to distinguish the Computer Bonus from the Internet Bonus, another important incentive which consists of a 100 euro voucher, managed by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy through Infratel. The latter is aimed at families who do not yet have an internet connection and aims to encourage access to reliable connectivity services.