A 52 year old (repeat offender) arrested for drug dealing in Soverato


By John

The carabinieri of the Operational Section of the NOR of the Company of Sovereign they have a 52-year-old local man arrestedalready known for his previous judicial affairs, for detention for the purpose of dealing drugs.

The man, driving a city car, was stopped for a check. In the meantime, nervous attitudes aroused the suspicion of the military who discovered him in possession of over 70 grams of “hashish”, as well as packaging material inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. The subsequent search also made it possible to find more than 380 grams of “marijuana”, divided into four heat-sealed cellophane wrappers and other packaging material.

The 52-year-old was arrested in flagrante delicto and taken to the Catanzaro – Siano prison, while the 33-year-old (from Brescia but domiciled in Soverato) who was in the car with him (with almost 7 grams of hashish on him) was reported for personal use of drugs to the Prefecture.