A building collapses in Istanbul, one dead and eight injured


By John

Turkish authorities have announced that one person was killed and eight others injured, two of them seriously, in the collapse of a building in Istanbul. According to images released by Turkish media, the three-story building in Küçükçekmece, on the European side of Istanbul, collapsed completely this morning, trapping nine people under the ruins. “According to a preliminary study, we found that the building was built in 1988 without complying with regulations, using sea sand in the concrete,” Turkish Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mehmet Özhaseki said on his X account. another floor would later be built without permission, upsetting the statics of the building, the minister added. Located in a seismic zone capable of producing earthquakes of up to 7.6 magnitude, Istanbul is home to hundreds of thousands of buildings at risk because they were built without respecting regulations, according to experts.