Elections in Calabria, the candidates for mayor have already voted: Muzzopappa and Murabito in Vibo, Stasi and Straface in Corigliano Rossano


By John

Polling stations open from 3pm to 11pm today and tomorrow all day from 7am to 11pm. In Calabria among the most important municipalities is that of Corigliano-Rossanothird most populous city in Calabria.

The outgoing mayor Flavio Stasi, candidate of the centre-left, has already gone to vote: the mayor voted at 3.45pm in section 48 of the former court. Then it was the turn of Pasqualina Strafacewho expressed his preference late in the afternoon in the section of the Tieri Institute.

TO Vibo Valentia they have already voted Francesco Muzzopappacandidate of the Center coalition (the criminal lawyer voted at the Buccarelli school in via Giovanni XXIII) and Marcella Murabito (candidate of Rifondazione Comunista) in section number 17 of the Vito Capialbi state high school.