All the nodes of the new mobility of Catanzaro


By John

Some critical issues will remain and it will be necessary to find a remedy for them, adapt as much as possible and create a road system that contributes to an ever greater integration of the various parts of the city territory. These are aspects analyzed during the planning conference on the preliminary document of the PSC which ended last April and the minutes of which were published in the last few days. The formation of the plan is therefore taking place according to the timetable indicated by the deputy mayor with responsibility for Territorial Planning , Giusy Iemmaalso dictated by regional legislation on urban planning.
During the last session of the conference – which had been called by the mayor in January Nicola Fiorita – documents and interventions were collected by various participants, including the professional associations who did not fail to point out the need for forecasts on parking, Germaneto and greater intertwining between the districts of the capital, also thinking about a system of hub and a better connection to Lido.
Therefore mobility remains at the center of attention, both in light of the ongoing interventions and in view of the future reorganization. In particular, the issues relating to mobility and parking posed by the orders of architects and engineers remained on the table for discussion.