A Cosenza without secrets for its former coach Viali


By John

Waiting climate to observe the nascent Cosenza up close again. With the Italian Cup archived, the Silani are looking for confirmation in the first three-point match. The last few weeks have generated curiosity and trust in the group. It will now be up to Thomas D’Orazio and comrades maintain or intensify the climate that has been created.
The market can still lend a hand to strengthen and fine-tune a squad that still has some shortcomings. Around the Sila the wind can change quickly and those who remember the past know it well, so it is now essential to offer the decisive clues to transform the first sensations into concrete clues.
In the meantime, after the strong controversies of the last few days and the harsh press release of the “Eighties”, the company of Eugenio Guarascio has removed the limitations on the number of “Lupacchiotto” tickets available in the corners. The other provisions already communicated with the start of the presale remain unchanged.
The return. Cosenza is ready to pick up the coach of the last salvation, William Avenues. The Lombard coach shows up at the “Marulla” two and a half months after his triumphal arrival in the city following the away draw against Brescia, then converted into a 3-0 win in the second leg of the playout match. A few weeks earlier, Guarascio had confirmed it in words but that handshake never happened. Nor the black and white signing of the new contract because Ascoli had already moved around him in those days, with whom he then signed a two-year agreement after returning from a short vacation. His Silan experience ended.
Tomorrow evening the welcome of the “Marulla” towards him will be warm. He had already spoken of his return to Cosenza after the calendar draw but he clearly returned to the subject yesterday, when he spoke in front of notebooks and microphones to present tomorrow’s match. “I’m glad to come back, it will naturally be exciting. I will find many people I love again. A good enthusiasm is being created », he immediately pointed out. He then spoke of the Cosenza that is being born: «They have built a very interesting team. They started from a solid base, reinforced however by quality grafts such as, for example, Mazzocchi and Tutino».
Then he moved on to the tactical part:
«Cosenza has a precise identity. We’ll have to stay short and not give their forwards space. We’ll have to pay attention not to lose the ball and stay balanced. We have to play with the same courage and attitude shown against Verona, however limiting a few too many mistakes».
With him they go back to ex too Vincent Millico, the goalkeeper coach – thoroughbred Cosenza – Antonio Fischetti and the athletic trainer John Saracini.
On the rossoblù side, the other two ex present are Christian D’Urso and Tommaso D’Orazio.