A new group is ready to debut in the Cosenza city council


By John

If the agreement had been signed earlier, today we would be talking about the birth of the Third Pole within the civic assembly.
The cooling of political relations between Carlo Calenda and Matteo Renzi at a national level, however, it dampens this opportunity in the meeting of Palazzo dei Bruzi, just when two majority councilors have decided to form an autonomous group under the banners of Azione and Italia Viva, while remaining firmly anchored to the mayor’s team, Franz Carusoon whose list they ran in support of the current mayor Caterina Savastano and Alessandra Brescianione member of the party belonging to the former minister, the other close to the positions of the former Prime Minister.
Both swear loyalty to the administration led by Caruso, tracing the desire to enclose institutional experiences in a single container to the fact of having often shared the same theses during the legislature. So, why travel separately?. From here the idea of ​​establishing a council group, precisely, whose proposal has already been formalized and registered with the General Secretariat, from which, if a positive response were to be received (the official consultation of the Statute will come) the alliance could debut at the first useful Council. The “wide field” model theorized by the mayor, as he explains in the interview in the opening piece, becomes increasingly concrete, favoring the homogeneity necessary for the center-left coalition to remain united and compact, especially in this phase of change characterized from the resignation of a councilor and from the Maria Pia Funaro case, the deputy mayor recently ousted by the tenant of the Town Hall. Two unrelated events but which will probably accelerate the council reshuffle, deemed necessary by Caruso to give new impetus to administrative action.