Gymnastics: Simone Biles becomes a legend with a leap never seen before


By John

Simone Biles in the legend: 6.4 difficulty, an execution of 15.266. Here it is, the leap that takes you there Biles in the myth. Biles II became a reality and officially entered the scoring code in Antwerp, in the qualifiers. Simone Biles perfectly executed her Yurchenko double pike on vault, with a difficulty quotient never approached by anyone else in any other gymnastics competition. The Biles II was attempted and failed by the 26-year-old American at the Tokyo Games in the team event, but was performed correctly twice during the summer, in the USA. Now Biles II becomes history and will “make jurisprudence” in the world of artistic gymnastics.

The American champion, after withdrawing from the Tokyo Games due to a psychological block, illuminated the qualifications of the world championship tournament in the city where she won her first world medals: and she did so, as mentioned, with a legendary leap, performing at I vault the Yurchenko double pike, an exercise previously performed only by men, and which now takes the name of the 26-year-old gymnast, four-time Olympic champion, as she is the only woman capable of doing it. «She did it! That’s all I can say,” exulted her coach, Frenchman Laurent Landi. “People, I hope, realize that this may be the only time in their lives that they have seen a jump like this performed by a female gymnast,” he added.