Delmastro sent to trial for the Cospito case


By John

The undersecretary of Justice Andrea Delmastro has been sent to trial by the Gup of Rome as part of the proceedings involving him accused of revealing official secrets in relation to the affair of the anarchist Alfredo Cospito. The trial will begin on March 12th. “We were confident in a different decision because there were all the conditions for a ruling of no place to proceed.” This is how the lawyer Giuseppe Valentino, Delmastro’s defender, comments on the decision.

Pd, Delmastro confirms that FdI exponents have no sense of the State

“In his measures, the judge clearly noted the fact that the PD parliamentarians Lai, Serracchiani, Orlando and Verini – after the visit to the Sassari prison – were defamed in the courtroom and, by sending the undersecretary Delmastro Delle Vedove to trial, he confirmed that the materials sent by him to Donzelli would have been used for the latter’s intervention in the courtroom. Beyond the judicial aspect – which with the indictment of Delmastro Delle Vedove will take its course – it is confirmed by the two exponents FdI – a way of conceiving and practicing institutional responsibilities and political relations completely foreign to the sense of the State and the principles of correctness”. Thus the democratic parliamentarians Lai, Serracchiani, Orlando and Verini.

Bonelli, Delmastro resigns and Nordio explains why he defended him

“The indictment of Undersecretary Delmastro, and the start of the consequent trial, will define the criminal responsibilities of the FDI exponent. In my complaint I contested the violation of administrative secrecy, attributed to Delmastro for having delivered the GOM minutes to his colleague, the Hon. Donzelli, then used to attack the opposition. In this affair, the one who comes out very badly is the Minister of Justice Nordio, who has constantly defended Delmastro and Donzelli. Surprisingly for a jurist like him, he confused the secret of State with the administrative one”. Thus in a note the co-spokesperson of Green Europe and deputy of the Greens and the Left Angelo Bonelli.

“Nordio’s defense, based on political motivations and not in compliance with the rules – he continues – is very serious. For this reason, I ask Nordio again who asked him to defend Delmastro, when the violation of administrative secrecy was evident. In the courtroom, Donzelli stated that the minutes he read would be accessible to all deputies upon request.
I remember asking the minister for the same minutes in Donzelli’s possession, but I was denied access, as they were confidential. This episode recalls Lollobrigida’s statements regarding the possibility of stopping trains at the request of citizens. Donzelli also acted the same way.

This right seems to use the state without respecting the rules and, for this reason, I am convinced of the correctness of my complaint.”
“Now, out of respect for the institutions, Delmastro should resign, and I believe that Donzelli must account for his behavior, considering the disclosure of the secret minutes”, concludes Bonelli.