“A zero kilometer Christmas”. Cisal Vibo’s appeal to support local traders


By John

Closed shops, vacant premises, signs of properties for sale, struggling traders and increasingly desolate main streets. This is what has been happening for months now Vibo Valentia, a city symbolizing the economic depression of a province on its knees, increasingly lower in the liveability and quality of life rankings. Among the last in terms of employment and among the first in terms of poverty, crushed by taxes and ongoing desertification as demonstrated by the most recent investigations.

“The approach of the Christmas holidays must lead everyone to reflect on the meaning of giving and helping those who make the hearts of our communities vibrate. Choosing local trade is a gesture that goes beyond the simple act of purchasing; it is a direct contribution to the economic vitality and social fabric of our community”. This was written in a note by provincial secretary of Cisal of Vibo Valentia, Vitaliano Papillo who adds “local shops are the beating heart of our territories. They are run by people who know customers by name, offer unique products and help create a sense of community. They are the artisans, small entrepreneurs and families who work tirelessly to bring quality and authenticity to our purchases. Choosing local traders – he underlines – has a tangible impact on the local economy: every euro spent in a local shop helps to support work and keep businesses alive. This not only creates jobs, but also stimulates sustainable economic development, ensuring that resources remain where we live. Supporting local traders – Papillo comments – means making Christmas a moment of solidarity and connection in our community”.