Abramo Customer Care dispute: the mayors of Catanzaro, Cosenza and Crotone ask to participate in the ministerial table


By John

“The fate of almost a thousand workers at Abramo CC is hanging by a thread and the resolution of the dispute involves the need to preserve jobs which constitute an important part of our economy. The communities of Catanzaro, Cosenza and Crotone, on which they have headquarters, the various company departments, have already had the opportunity to express their concern and closeness to the employees, ensuring full support for the action of the unions engaged in the field to claim the rights to preserve jobs”. This was stated in a note by the mayor of Catanzaro, Nicola Fioritathat of Cosenza, Franz Carusoand the first citizen of Crotone, Vincenzo Voce.

“After the sit-ins in the Prefecture, while waiting for the ministerial table convened for next March 26, in representing the territories affected by this affair, we are ready – stated the three mayors – to accompany the Abramo CC delegation to Rome which constitutes the most important and consistent piece of the call center sector, put at serious risk by the announced interruption of the Tim order. Calabria cannot afford to lose, after so many years, a point of reference for employment in a sector that needs to be the subject of a reconversion and innovation work from which the national government cannot look the other way. The administrations of Catanzaro, Cosenza and Crotone that we represent therefore participate in the national mobilization and they ask to be able to bring, in the most appropriate ways, the requests of the territories to the attention of the Roman tablesfrom which we expect immediate solutions for workers and concrete proposals for the relaunch of the sector”.