Abusiveness, the Municipality of Castrovillari requests compensation for damages from the Region


By John

The municipality of Castrovillari will ask, in civil proceedings, compensation from the Calabria Region in relation to the appointment of ad acta commissioners implemented by the Region against 30 municipalities deemed non-compliant in the repression of urban planning abuses. He announces it, with an open letter sent to the governor Roberto Occhiutothe mayor of Castrovillari Mimmo Lo Polito.

«I learned from the press – he writes – that too the municipality of Castrovillari ‘lived illegally in the matter of building abuses. Now, apart from the institutional politeness, which would have wanted the municipalities to be informed by their regional president and not by the press, even national, it is emphasized that not even on the site was it possible to find this notorious commissioner resolution. Only after two days was it possible to understand what this great abuse was that had thrown us into the national limelight. So we worked on Saturday and Sunday to understand chand it was a building in an agricultural area, where a wooden shed had been illegally built in front of the house and a 7 m2 warehouse for storing agricultural tools. with a height of 2.5 meters, also in wood.

Even if we want to consider this similar to the great abuses, the gravity of your superficiality remains. The municipality of Castrovillari, in fact, responded to the two warnings. The replies were duly registered and sent: the first no. 23338 of 10/27/2020; the second no. 22539 of 10/5/2021. The second letter communicated that following our provision, the owner had communicated the spontaneous fulfillment of the removal of the abuse. Therefore, at the time of its resolution, there is no provision to be implemented; it has not existed since 2021 ».

«You, dear president – writes Lo Polito again – had your moment of media celebrity to which you are well accustomed. By doing so, to his advantage, he has diverted attention from the real problems that he has been called upon to face and solve. I am referring to Health, whose territorial and hospital services have considerably deteriorated under his commissioner management. To the environment, with the known problems of our seas also in this season; to the waste problem that apart from the creation of Arrical it has not made any progress. Not to mention the school with respect to which he hastened to establish the guidelines to further reduce the presence of educational institutions in every place, with the elimination of as many as 79 autonomies from next year ».