Accused of stalking, former Paolana sports director acquitted


By John

The former sports director of Paolana, Francesco Loizzo, was acquitted yesterday afternoon “because the fact does not exist” by the sole judge of the Paola Tribunal. Loizzo was defended by lawyers Giuseppe Bruno and Armando Sabato. The man who had also ended up under house arrest in 2019 (which in any case was later revoked) by specific order of the investigating judge after the investigations of the Carabinieri of the Paola Company, was charged with several crimes all attributable to stalking. Specifically, according to the charges, he allegedly planted three bugs to monitor his then partner. Two were allegedly installed in the apartment and a third in his daughter’s backpack. Furthermore, according to the charges brought by the Prosecutor’s Office, he allegedly rammed his ex’s car when she was on her way to the airport. According to the complaint filed by the woman, the man allegedly did not accept the separation from which the couple also had a daughter. Even after the separation, however, the woman allegedly allowed the man to stay overnight in her home. He then allegedly misappropriated sums of money when they were a de facto couple. Finally, he allegedly had the woman followed by third parties. All charges, however, were eventually dropped after five years as they were dismantled during the trial in court by the lawyers who defended the man. The injured party in the proceedings was instead defended by the lawyer Leopoldo Marchese of the Lamezia court.