Verification at the Municipality of Catanzaro, time for discussions: the Democratic Party does not intend to be an extra


By John

The political verification at Palazzo De Nobili initiated by the mayor will probably have several key steps Nicholas Flowery after the European elections. Relations with the Talerico area could be (re)defined in light of the regional councilor’s return to Forza Italia; a confrontation that will aim for a political clarification that is at least complicated given the cohabitation within the majority of center-left and center-right souls. But the Caudine Forks of what Fiorita has defined as a “coupon” could be found in particular in the confrontation with an essential component of an administration that, above all, wants to define itself as progressive, namely with the Democratic Party.
The Democratic Party does not seem to want to play a political cameo role, It is no coincidence that last May the city assembly deemed it necessary to examine the situation in the Municipality in greater depth, defining it as “highly anomalous and not perfectly in line with the values ​​and principles of the party”.
In recent days, the Lido Democratic Party circle also made its voice heard, explaining that alliances “must not sacrifice the political identity of the administration or be reduced to a mere numerical count with parties or “characters” responsible for policies that penalize our city and the whole of Calabria.” A real wall raised against a possible dialogue with those opposition forces linked to the centre-right which, however, the mayor will meet anyway, having announced that the round of consultations will be broad and aimed at trying to further expand the perimeter of the majority.