“Overdose of love” for 10 winners of the Gazzetta-Rtp competition: the dream of meeting Zucchero is reality


By John

There is Alessio that the musician he does it in life and dreamed of being able to tell one of his friends about it one day favorite authorsthere is Ignatius that comes from Palermo and she wouldn’t have let this one slip away occasion for no reason in the world.

And there is John that gives Vibo Valentia he traveled to be able to look in the face Sugar and thank him for his music which has often been the soundtrack of his and many other lives. And there are still Mario, Patricia, Mary, Joseph, Marcella, Easter And Maximum: are the ten winners of the competition that every year thanks to Southern Gazette and RTPallows our readers to go to the concert of some of the great names of Italian music on stage at the stadium “Frank Scoglio” and above all to be able to meet them in a meet & greet which takes place shortly before the concert.

In the past great emotions for the meetings with Jovanotti, Ligabuei Negramaroi Pooh, Laura Pausinii Tactical Nuclear Penguins: and the leitmotif was repeated yesterday for Zucchero, shortly before the show. Group photo, autographs, Hugs: a collection of emotions for those who grew up with Zucchero and his music and learned to love one of the greatest artists of our music. A award after being selected for asking pertinent, funny and complete questions (Zucchero’s questions and answers were published in our newspaper and are still online on our website).

The meeting was appetizers of the show “Overdose Of Love World Tour” (title chosen in honor of the 35th anniversary of the release of the single of the same name) passed as said yesterday evening by the city of Strict after the debut at Royal Albert Hall at the end of March, the American tour and the stage of Casablanca. A choice – that of returning to the stadiums because “I had been missing for a very long time” – said Zucchero – “a challenge, new and necessary”.