Acquaro, three associations donate “The Joy of a Smile” and many gifts to the children of the “Jazzolino” pediatrics department


By John

Postponed several times due to logistical problems, the initiative took place last Monday“The Joy of a Smile”thanks to which the representatives of three Acquaresi associations donated many gifts to the children hospitalized at the hospital “Jazzolino” pediatric department, directed by doctor Salvatore Braghò, absent for health reasons. In detail the three associations are the “Pro Loco”, “Donn’Antuani” and “Odv FA David”represented for the occasion by their respective presidents, Giuseppe Esposito, Giuseppe Carnovale and Domenico Davidwhile the project is part of the wider program of Christmas events “Natale ai Borghi”, in particular it is the worthy conclusion, albeit late, of the “Via dei nativity scenes”, a very successful exhibition lasting a few days of various nativity scenes created by artists or simple amateurs, during which, at the request of the aforementioned associations, numerous citizens also from neighboring towns lovingly brought one or more gifts intended for the aforementioned purpose.

A heartfelt thank you from the organizers goes to them. Welcomed by doctor Michelina Miceli and head nurse Maria Rosa Bruni, the delegation was thus able to deliver around a hundred toys, as well as 50 boxes of colors expressly donated by the ODV FA David. A laudable initiative which has brought “the joy of a smile” to the faces of the little patients, giving them a moment of tranquility and carefreeness during a period, those of the hospital care to which they are subjected, certainly not the happiest, as also underlined by Dr. Miceli, who, thanking the associations for what they have done, wanted to underline “the importance of similar gestures in the hospitalization of children”. See you next year with new initiatives and new gifts.