Messina, the Tremestieri junction closed at the entrance: there is chaos on the SS114. Entrance to Palermo open


By John

Today, and partially tomorrow, the Tremestieri entrance junction will remain closed for road paving works. Although it was announced in advance, this morning there was no shortage of repercussions on northbound traffic. All the vehicles that usually used the ring road had to head towards the SS 114 to reach the other junctions (S. Filippo and Gazzi) or the city centre. In the early hours of the morning, some motorists report that it took them around an hour to travel the short distance between Tremestieri and San Filippo.

Prefecture intervention, work times shortened

The chaos that occurred this morning led the Prefecture to convene an urgent roundtable at the end of which it was decided that the works will last less and the entrance to the motorway towards Palermo was already opened this evening. Tomorrow evening it will be the turn of the one towards Catania. In concrete terms, therefore, the expected closure time of the important motorway junction has been significantly reduced. Some interventions to ease the traffic on heavy vehicles with the shunting towards San Francesco of the ferries that travel to Calabria. The works carried out during the morning hours evidently create many more problems than those carried out at night or on weekends when especially heavy vehicles are stationary.

Despite the evening reopening of the motorway towards Palermo, there are still long queues and inconveniences for motorists traveling on state road 114.

And the inconveniences will continue in the next few days because the works will continue until 8pm on Wednesday 7 February. To resume from six in the morning from February 12th to 8pm on February 16th this time in the exit lane from the motorway always at the Tremestieri junction. in addition to the Cas construction sites, there are also those along state road 114 where the sidewalk is being built in the Mili area.

Meanwhile, the CAS announces the closure of the exit at the Taormina junction, along the A/18 Messina-Catania motorway, for vehicles coming from Messina, in transit towards Catania, for works.

“Autostrade Siciliane informs that, in order to continue the work on the construction of the variable message signs, from 5 February to 7 February, in the time slot between 09:00 and 18:00 the exit ramp of the Taormina (ME) along the A18 ME-CT, for vehicles coming from Messina towards Catania. We also inform you that on 8 February, from 10:00 to 18:00 the exit ramp of the Taormina junction will remain closed (ME) towards Messina”.