Administrative in Vibo, candidates for redemption between the outgoing and the return of the old… glories


By John

Changes of jersey, shuffling of positions, outsiders and old glories ready to go for broke. On the other hand, the opportunity is tempting to secure a position in the city council which is now worth a monthly salary that is anything but insignificant. First of all, the elected representatives, re-nominated almost in unison.
The first thing to say is who will not compete for reconfirmation among the outgoing candidates. Obviously the very unlucky one Raffaele Iorfidawho died during the council, Antonio Curello, Agostino Naso, Giuseppina Colloca, Stefania Ursida And Lorenzo Lombardo. Even if there is a Lombardo and she is the youngest Giuliaincluded in the list of Brothers of Italy.