Agreement on short-term rentals, the identification code passes into the maneuver


By John

FI’s proposal for a project enters into the maneuver national identification code for short-term rentals. Ansa learned this from majority and government sources at the end of the summit on the maneuver it has confirmed the increase to 26% of the rate from the second to the fourth house rented for up to 30 days, specifying that for the first it remains at 21%. There is a commitment to allocate the resulting revenue – around one billion euros according to estimates circulated at the meeting – to reduce housing taxes.

Confbuilding, no sop benefits to hoteliers

«The Government has decided to please hoteliers who, in the throes of a sort of obsession, pressure politicians every day to introduce measures to hinder owners who use their apartments for short-term rentals. This is a wrong choice and will not bring additional long-term rent (as well as not guaranteeing greater revenue).” He states it Giorgio Spaziani Testapresident of Confconstruction.
«What will happen is that the prices of hotel rooms (already skyrocketing) will further increase – he continues – there will be a few more vacant houses, the underground economy will increase and the villages in our internal areas will have less hope of returning to life . We thank those who tried to prevent the flat tax on rent introduced by the Berlusconi government as an alternative to Irpef from being increased for the first time since 2011.”

Confindustria Alberghi, positive signs on short-term rentals

«From the first rumors about the majority summit leaked in these hours, an agreement seems to be on the horizon which on the one hand sees cases of single ownership excluded from the increase in the flat tax rate and on the other hand the activation of the national database which will allow to monitor and recognize different situations”, he declares Maria Carmela Colaiacovopresident of the Italian Confindustria Alberghi Association, according to which «this would be a first decisive step forward to counter the Wild West of uncontrolled activities that are affecting our cities and the main tourist destinations».