Alba Chiara Corigliano didn't make it. The 31-year-old from Rocca di Neto died a month after the accident on the SS107


By John

Calabria mourns a new road victim. Alba Chiara Corigliano, 31 years old from Rocca di Neto (in the province of Crotone) died in Catanzaro hospital. The young woman was involved in the terrible accident that occurred in Crotone on the SS 107 on February 25th.

In the terrible impact, which occurred in the Brasimato area, they lost their lives 33 year old Lorenza Aloisio and her 43 year old boyfriend Piero Riolo. Alba Chiara and her mother were seriously injured in that accident. After almost a month of agony, the 31-year-old's heart stopped beating.

Multiple messages of condolence on social media. Among these, one, from his friend Natale Tallarico, reads like this: “I'm really sorry, it didn't have to go like this, it's not possible to die like this, Alba, you left a void in everyone's hearts, especially your brother and your dad, you fought so hard but there's no and you did it, have a safe trip, I can't tell you, “marry in peace” because you had a life ahead of you, you weren't tired.”