Chaos in a shopping centre, 14-year-old smashes through a window on an electric car and hits two people


By John

An unusual car crash inside Westfield Liverpool shopping center in Sydney has left two people hospitalised. The event, as reported by the local press, occurred on Saturday, around 12.30pm, when an electric car on display inside the center violently impacted the Myer shop window after, according to initial reconstructions by the New South police Wales, a teenager driving lost control of the vehicle, causing it to suddenly accelerate and shatter a glass panel.

The boy, in an attempt to stop his run, then reversed and ended up hitting two people near the Myer women's cosmetics department, leaving behind a scene of chaos and destruction. The images released show the electric vehicle, red in color and with a damaged front, among debris and scattered cosmetic products and mannequins on the ground.

The victims of the accident, a man in his fifties with minor head injuries and another in his thirties with chest injuries, were transported in a “stable” condition to Liverpool hospital. Numerous onlookers flocked to the scene, attracted by the news of the incident and the loud noises heard at the time of the accident.

The police immediately started investigations to clarify the dynamics of the events, establishing a demarcated area for investigations. A 14-year-old boy present at the scene was questioned by officers and subsequently entrusted to a family member, although the police specified that the investigations are still ongoing.