Alex Batty was found alive in France after six years. The 17-year-old Englishman disappeared in Spain in 2017


By John

Alex Batty, an English boy reported missing in 2017 at the age of 11 during a holiday in Spain with his mother, grandmother and grandfather, was found in France after six years and is well.. The British media reported this, citing the French authorities, at the end of a crime story that had caused a stir in the United Kingdom. Alex, who is originally from Oldham, near Manchester, and is now 17 years old, reappeared in Revel, east of Toulouse, where he was identified yesterday by local police – despite the years that have passed – also based on his resemblance to the portrait included in the file distributed to Interpol after the complaint at the time. It seems he showed up at the town’s police station accompanied by a motorcyclist. According to the first and still fragmentary information that has bounced across the Channel, he said that he had lived in France for the last two years and that he had not been mistreated: and in fact he appeared in good shape. According to his grandmother, Susan Caruana, who at the time had secured de facto parental authority over him as a guardian recognized by the judges against the backdrop of a complex family situation, Alex would have been removed from her guardianship by the same mother (her daughter ) and by his grandfather: they then intended to have him grow up in Morocco within a spiritual community, a sort of sect which the two had joined in search of “an alternative lifestyle” and whose dictates stipulated that the child “should not go to school”.