All the fixtures at the “Colosimo” exhibition center stolen, the mayor of Catanzaro: “Cowards and criminals”


By John

“Thugs. Criminals. Cowards. Unscrupulous people. They stole all the fixtures of the “Giovanni Colosimo” exhibition centre, putting the cameras and internal surveillance services out of action”. These are the immediate words of the mayor of Catanzaro Nicola Fiorita after being alerted to the episode. “It’s not a simple theft – added Fiorita – because they stole money from citizens’ pockets. They have caused us considerable damage because they will force us to buy back all the fixtures and it will take at least 80 thousand euros, if that’s enough! Anyone who steals from the community must be punished in an exemplary manner. I am sure that the perpetrators will be discovered and we will take civil action because this bad weed must be eradicated. By all means.”