Former Salvemini punishes Messina, Giugliano celebrates in the 90th minute


By John

45′ st Salvemini.
Giugliano (4-3-3) Russian 6; Waldesi 6.5 (41′ st Menna ng), Cargnelutti 6, Caldore 6, Oyewale 6.5 (30′ st Yabre 6); Maselli 6 (41′ st Berdocco ng), De Rosa 5.5 (19′ st Gladestony 6), Romano 6; Ciuferri 5.5 (30′ st De Sena 6), Salvemini 6.5, Balde 6.5. Available Baldi, Rob Coprean, Scognamiglio, Boccia, Oviszach, Di Dio. All. Bertotto 6.5.
Messina (4-2-3-1) E. Fumagalli 6; Scafetta 5.5, Manetta 5.5, Dumbravanu 6, Ortisi 5.5; Firenze 5 (24′ st Cavallo 5.5), Franco 6 (43′ st Signorile ng); Rosafio 6.5 (24′ st Frisenna 6), Emmausso 5, Zunno 5.5 (40′ st Civilleri ng); Plescia 6 (24′ st Luciani 6). Available Piana, Zona, Lia, Giunta, Polito, J. Fumagalli. Annex Modica 6.
Referee: D’Eusanio of Faenza 5.5.
Note: In the 36th minute, Tortora, Giugliano’s goalkeeping coach, was removed from the bench. Booked Oyewale, Maselli, Dumbravanu. Corners 10-2 for Giugliano. Recovery time 1′ st, 5′ st.

The former Salvemini punishes Messina in the 90th minute and gives three golden points to Giugliano, a direct competitor of the biancoscudati for the playoff race. A good first half for the Messina team was followed by a bad second half with the Campania team taking over and hitting the three-point shot at the end of the match. Messina’s streak of positive results thus ends at six. The hosts had more beer in their bodies in the second half after the midweek round. Not much changes for the Giallorossi’s plans even if the defeat stings because of how it developed when, that is, at least the draw seemed like a done deal. Messina coach Giacomo Modica has to deal with suspensions and injuries and decides to change something compared to the eleven proposed with Sorrento. In defense Scafetta takes Lia’s place, not at her best, in the middle Florence wins the run-off with Frisenna while Marco Rosafio appears in the trio behind Plescia. Messina starts the match on the attack. In the 20th minute there is an opportunity for Ortisi who shoots weakly and goalkeeper Russo blocks in two stages. As the minutes passed, the hosts gained courage without however creating anything sensational, Messina controlled the operations but the impression was that the decisive play was missing because in front Plescia was often held back by the defenders from Campania. Doubts for some refereeing decisions in the Campania area.
In the second half, however, Giugliano was more proactive and compared to Messina he also seemed physically more brilliant. Salvemini tries but Fumagalli saves himself in the corner. The biancoscudati show signs of life in the 14th minute with Plescia, after a ball stolen by Rosafio, the attacker’s shot from distance is blocked by Russo. After the quarter of an hour the pressure from the Campanians is constant. On Romano’s cross shot, Fumagalli puts it in the corner. In the 24th minute the Modica coach makes three changes. Frisenna, Cavallo and Luciani were in for three overs like Firenze, Rosafio and Plescia but the substitutions did not change the inertia of the match with the Campania team taking more and more courage and in the 90th minute they were rewarded for their consistency. On the tenth corner, Salvemini demonstrates that he knows the profession of a striker well. He first controls with the right winger and with the left foot he scores in a turn with the Peloritan players who are not very reactive. A flash in the darkness of De Cristofaro and it is not a figure of speech. Giugliano who then manages to freeze the result. The setback does not compromise anything and does not change the prospects of the Biancoscudati, he is left with a bitter taste for having conceded the decisive goal when the worst seemed to be over. Next Sunday, another tough nut to crack for Messina. Picerno arrives at Franco Scoglio and it will take a different energy.