Lamezia, completion of work on the “Cittadella del cinema” in March 2026


By John

Among the many projects announced but left on paper, that of the cinematographic “Studios” seems to be one of the few for which something concrete is moving among the warehouses of the industrial area. Approved by the Region in March 2021, there is now also an indication for the conclusion of the works of a “cinema citadel” intended for the production and post-production of audiovisual products, with a sound stage and “technologically advanced” studios avant-garde”. In the three-year plan of the Calabria Film Commission approved in recent days by the regional council, the month of March 2026 is indicated as the deadline for the «completion of the works and the start of the installation of the technologies», and then reaching May of the same year « to the installation of technological equipment and, with them, the start of activities”.

The same programming document also takes stock of the ongoing process. After the approval of the executive design, which took place in December 2023, partial delivery of the works was carried out in February for cleaning the area and the first construction site activities and execution of research and possible clearance of war ordnance have begun. Very recent – the month indicated is May of this year – is the final delivery of the works, with the completion of the construction site, the arrangement of the area, the construction of the fences and the start of the jet grouting.