Amaranth pride, the fans ready to defend Reggina: “We’ll be in Rome on 29 August”


By John

Awareness. This is the most widespread sentiment among the Reggina fans in the most delicate moment of recent years. The look is at the day ofhearing before the Council of State (official, hearing on August 29th), but the thought also goes to what will have to happen if things don’t go well. Nor does superstition serve to avoid saying that the most probable fate remains the most negative one. A perspective that would open up to the unknown of starting from scratch. What will come better will, of course, so much the better.
A thought already understood by the fans who, on the occasion of Wednesday’s demonstration at the “Granillo”, launched forward-looking and constructive messages. As long as there is the possibility of finding Serie B again, there is however every intention of demonstrating that Reggio Calabria is still at the side of its team.
During the event organized by the Curva Sud, the position of the fans was clearly expressed. “We know – explained the supporters – that hopes are low, but we have a duty to believe it. This is why we are mobilizing to be present on August 29 in Rome». The mobilization will have a single matrix: regginity. The goal is to involve ultras, fans, families and all people from Reggio in general. We are moving towards another demonstration of compactness which continues to be the only sure basis for the future.

The anger is tangible. For a payment of around 750,000 which risks costing Serie B only because it is not made by June 20 and which could have been made earlier to avoid problems. For having involuntarily lent the side to the application of rules that correspond to enormous penalties compared to the effective extent of the errors of evaluation committed, without forgetting however the margins of interpretation also noted by experts in the legal field. Among the fans it is difficult to accept the silences and the conduct in the last two months of ownership. It is no coincidence that the climate of protest against Felice Saladini is strong. With great courage he is looking even further. In fact, today there is talk without fear of a possible “plan D” for a restart from the amateurs that does not scare the people of Reggio too much.

«Enough – thundered the fans – using Reggina as a toy». A message that almost appears as an indication addressed to the institutions, in view of what could be the opening of the expressions of interest for the creation of a new company and the subsequent choice of the project among those presented.
Reggio Calabria expects space to be given, possibly, to “serious, concrete and credible proposals”, with a “solid planning that is made up of facts and not words”. A pragmatism that is not theoretical, but more than ever empirical considering the evolutions of recent years. A chain of facts that inevitably made the square disillusioned and disenchanted, while always remaining very sensitive to eleven amaranth shirts that represent the city on a green rectangle.