Messina, turf to be redone at “Franco Scoglio”. Finocchiaro: “Everything is ready for 10 September”


By John

Inspection at the Franco Scoglio stadium in the morning by the sports commission chaired by Raymond Mortelliti For check the condition of the turfon which a new sowing was carried out. Drainage works, considered unavoidable weeks ago, will not be carried out: «The company in charge of carrying out the work – explains the councilor for sport Massimo Finocchiaro – confirms and ensures that the field will be available for the first home match of the championship, unless the imponderable happens. Sowing started a week ago and you can see with the naked eye, even in the “burned” part, that the first sprout is emerging. Guaranteed that if there is no catch within ten days, the field will be re-turfed, so that the field will be ready by 10 September. Drainage work is not being done and, to avoid last year’s problems, the slopes of the entire field are being redone. This has already been done and they should help drainage just as vigorously. We are in contact with Lega Pro and we believe that within 10 days they can carry out the previously skipped inspection due to the presence of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins workers. But telematic and telephone reports continued. The administration and offices do not improvise, we are present 24 hours a day for any problem and ready to deny alarmism. Last year Messina also played and often trained at the “Scoglio”, so the overuse ended up exacerbating the problem of the turf. Now, however, it will only be used for Saturday matches and training and this is a very important fact».

Messina takes part and is represented by the Chief Operating Officer Angelo Costa who leaves the “Scoglio” satisfied with the commitment made by the administration and the sports commission: «In the bad luck – he says – we were lucky for the eventual postponement of the match against Casertana, our first home match on the calendar. I thank everyone for the interest shown in Messina, I had never seen this availability towards the football team. The commissioner is close to us and we need certainties, not doubts, that’s why we wanted to know the certain date on when we will be able to enter our house. I have already spoken to Caltanissetta and Lentini, but the councilor’s availability gives us security. I’ve been in football for 23 years and the work on the slopes, making the pitch “humpbacked”, reassures us that the lawn can be efficient. And our coach wants an efficient pitch, so much so that we would like to enter the “Scoglio” only on Saturdays for finishing touches, because a football team worthy of the name enters its stadium only to play on Sundays. Subscriptions? We’re late, but it was all linked to this situation, because we couldn’t sell something without knowing our future. Surely now we will also move from this point of view and through our social channels we will let people know when and how the season ticket campaign will start”.